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Prairie City, Oregon


The Greater Prairie City Community Association (GPCCA) was born as a non-profit 501(c)(3) out of the need to have a non-profit organization receive the generous donation of the iconic Methodist Church at the south end of the City Park. The church is now referred to as the Community Center. The GPPCA also committed to serving the needs of the community beyond just managing the Community Center building.

Recently, after a few years hiatus, the GPCCA is again active with a new crop of volunteers and purpose. We’re calling it GPCCA 2.0. The new websites and new streaming a/v equipment at the Community Center are just a couple improvements already available for the community.

Community Center

Community Center

The GPCCA owns and maintains the former Methodist Church as a Community Center. Residents and others are encouraged to make use of the building for meetings and events.

We recently added internet access to the Community Center which is available to the public when using the building. We also put in about $1,000 of upgrades to the audio/visual (A/V) system which already had a large projector and giant screen. With training or assistance you can stream any content off the internet including movies from your phone, laptop, or our computer, use bluetooth/wifi for audio playback (e.g. spotify), play a DVD movie or CD audio, and use the wireless microphones. All audio is patched through the speakers at the front.

In a break from the past, greater Prairie City residents who would like to use the Community Center for their event or meeting can do so without a fee. Instead we have developed “suggested donation for use” guidelines.

If you are not a greater Prairie City resident and want to have an event or meeting, we have some very reasonable rental rates.

In an ideal world the GPCCA would be able to cover the cost of insurance, upkeep, utilities, equipment and improvements without donations, but the truth is we need at least some income to cover these beyond what grants can. Event insurance which covers your event or meeting costs the association $1,400 per year alone. So if you use YOUR Community Center we hope you will take good care of it, leave it like you found it, and make a donation for use.

Use Donation or Fee

Greater Prairie City Residents only

  • Your event/meeting is open to the public and no fee is charged (e.g. open to anyone free movie night). Suggested Donation: $10 part day (morning, afternoon or evening), $20 all day.
  • Your event/meeting is open to the public and a fee or donation is collected (e.g. open to anyone knitting class for $10 each). Suggested Donation: $10 part day (morning, afternoon, or evening) plus 20% of revenue; $20 all day plus 20% of revenue.
  • Private Event (e.g. birthday party) Suggested Donation: $30 part day (morning, afternoon or evening); $60 all day; or if a wedding $180 for three days (extra two days for setup and cleanup).


Rental fee is required. (Double those amounts for residents). Weddings require 3 day rental ($360).

Inside the Community Center

prairiecityoregon domains

The GPCCA owns and (now!) maintains the domains prairiecityoregon.[com|net|org]. We already have a webpage at new and the hope is to greatly expand the content there. These domains are managed for the benefit of all residents. As such this is a FREE resource to the community and community businesses to get exposure and make available important information and resources. Eventaully we want to host an events calendar too. So how can we help you, your organization or business? See the section on services below.


Web Services

Since we own, host and maintain the prairiecityoregon.[com|net|org] domains we can help you and/or your business with web services.

  • link to your webpage from
  • your webpage hosted by us. Example:
  • help developing your webpage


If your organization would like to apply for a grant which requires it to have non-profit status, you could have the GPCAA apply in your behalf. If you don’t have grant writing experience we have volunteers who can help you.


Our services are free to residents but we do ask for a commensurate donation.


Essentially nothing happens without volunteers. The GPCCA has NO paid board members, officers, or employees.

We have need of folks to do

  • cleaning
  • repairs and improvements (plumbing, carpentry, electrical)
  • landscaping
  • tech support/geeky stuff (A/V, networking, SYSOP, IOT, webmastery)
  • editing, graphics
  • accounting

If you have experience, great!! If you can help with some guidance, great!!

Please reach out and/or attend our next monthly meeting (1st Wed each month 6:30pm)


The GPCCA board meets the 1st Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm at the Community Center. Volunteers and the Public are strongly encouraged to attend to keep abreast of GPCCA activities and to give input. To confirm the meeting date and time just reach out.

Greater Prairie City Community Association
PO Box 758
211 6th
Prairie City, OR 97869
(541) 306-2334

Board Members

Sandy Murray
Sharon Fritsch
Cindy Brusch
David Kebler
Nancy Nickel


Sharon Frisch: President
Trish Lindaman: Secretary
David Kebler: Treasurer


Dennis Lynch
Jerry Galland
Karen Jacobs
Dan Duey